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What Others Are Saying

"The conference is so necessary and the keynote speakers were amazing. Al Gore, David Suzuki, and also Jerry Brown will have a lasting impact on me. They have poured oil into the low fire that was simmering along in me and that is going full force now and motivating me to step up and speak out."
- Brigitte Fleeman, Attendee

"It was so inspiring and lots of fun. The energy from all the attendees was rejuvenating. I'm hooked!"
- Pamela Pascual, Attendee

"I had the best time and learned so much in such a short time.  I have contacts to suppliers and county green services now.  It was the best conference I have attended in 10 years."
- Gene Brickey, Attendee

"I think this conference was evidence that the green building movement has publicly grown to the next level – that is to say, the role of our being state and who we have to become was mentioned by John Knott, Sarah S, Sym van der Ryn, David Gottfried, and me.  I'm sure there were others sharing a similar message.  It's not that this perspective has not been shared before, its just that it seemed to come together as a new plateau. I think this level of spirit and deep intention and an awareness of who we have to become has not had this coalescence in any conference I've been to.  Leave it to the left coast to get things really moving.  It will take a little longer on the East Coast."
- Bill Reed
, Integrative Design Collaborative

“West Coast Green manifests the green building marketplace for California. Businesses, builders, government leaders and the public are ready to embrace Green Building as "business as usual". West Coast Green will show the way and bring us together to make this industry and market truly mainstream.”
– Catherine Squire, Sustainable Development Coordinator, City of Berkeley

“West Coast Green advances a common vision of sustainable communities by addressing a development that’s good for people, profit and the planet!”
– Mark Palmer, City & County of San Francisco

“I consider the experience last year to be a milestone event in my life...I remain grateful. THANK YOU!”
– Karen Raymer Waldenour, An EcoDesign Source

“...This place is absolutely blazing hot with good stories and great people. I wish I had more time!”
– Lisa Chan, CBS News Anchor

“West Coast Green is "the" event to deliver our brand messages & develop business opportunities in the rapidly growing green building movement.”
– Omer "Butch" Gaudette, Director Trade Relations, Whirlpool Corporation

“I got MORE LEADS from this ONE SHOW than I usually get from several.”
– Nigel Maynard, Senior Editor, Builder Magazine

“You worked a huge miracle at WCG - it was an honor and a pleasure to be part of it.”
– Tim Clark, Royal Institute of British Architects, Founder, RIBA-USA

“WCG went so far beyond our expectations it wasn't even funny. We got great press exposure from mainstream media and FABULOUS leads - very high end, cutting edge architects, developers, & designers…sign us up for next year!”
– April Keene, NanaWall

“West Coast Green was one of the most successful trade shows that we have exhibited at to-date. The audience was educated, top quality, and our leads were solid. A salute to your organization!”
– Alaina Miller, Director, kama Energy Efficient Building Systems

“Your collective passions and visions have skyrocketed to the highest heights as evidenced by your work this year. I am speechless on how to report my gratitude, but please know...that you have touched and changed my life for the better. Mission accomplished — me, and the thousands of other hearts that were warmed this weekend.”
– Emily Privot, Attendee

“I expected a typical tradeshow… what I got was a 3-day sensory thrill.”
– Ruth Altchek, Senior Editor, Domino Magazine

“Warmboard participated in 20 trade shows this year and West Coast Green was the most successful of them all. The attendees were highly qualified...We are enthusiastically looking forward to the next show!”
– Tony Gasparich, President and CEO, Warmboard, Inc.

“The West Coast Green Show transcended my expectations. I hoped for great exposure for my company and our product lines. What my associates and I discovered was that we ended up being authentically blessed by the people and the atmosphere that is a movement for social change. We came away with a greater understanding that we are a part of a solution that encompasses environmental sustainability, economic vitality, and social responsibility. Together, we are making this ideal a reality.”
– Malachi Salcido, CPA & President, US West Energy Solutions

“I had an amazing time at the conference and learned SO much. I went there thinking about my next career move and ended up being transformed by all the wonderful speakers and the friends I met.”
– Lisa Austin, Attendee

“I wanted to thank you for the incredible experience that I was able to take part in this past weekend at West Coast Green. I am from Chicago and actually decided to attend two weeks before the show and I have never been more pleased with one of my impulse decisions as I am now.”
– Sarah Coulter, Attendee

“This is the best run conference that I have ever been to. If you are at all interested in how to capture the core content of so many separate conversations and assist in networking a huge array of people, this conference just flat rocks. This is one outstanding organization that's worth the price of admission for that alone.”
– Phil Stob, IDEO

“What an amazing conference! I feel as though I got a three-day MBA in sustainability with the wealth of great information that was shared. And the incredible people! From staff to speakers to participants, it was something I'll never forget.”
– Susan McHenry, Attendee

Our booth was jammed much of the show that our launch of 'Digital Green' and the 'Green Appliance Collection' was very successful."
– Mark R. Johnson, Senior Manager - Architecture & Design, Whirlpool Corporation

“With the support and energy of a national event like West Coast Green, I believe that in 15 years, we can succeed and build a better future for our children, our residents, and the world.”
– San José Mayor Chuck Reed

“Green is on the minds of many but this conference brings out the desire to take immediate action.”
– Samuel E. Navarro, Attendee

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